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Absoft Pro Fortran Compiler Suite For Windows

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Single User Licenses

Single User / Single Seat Licenses

A Single User Single Seat (SUSS) License is a license for one user at a time on a designated machine. These licenses also include 1 Personal Use license at no additional charge on Absoft branded products. This allows the registered user (only) to install the software license(s) on a personal home machine as well as their office machine as long as the two machines are not being used at the same time.

Floating Network Licenses

Floating Network, Multi User Licenses (Also known as Site-Licenses or Lab-Packs)

Floating Network licenses (FNL) allow users to install software on a single machine/server which is accessed by multiple users on the same local network. Licenses can be used concurrently by no more than the number of authorized users and are for single operating system environments.
Example: 5 people at any one time, all using Absoft Pro Fortran v10 for MacOS/Intel.
If you need to run on multiple operating system environments from a single license, see MaxFlex Licenses below.

12-Month Subscription Licenses

Linux "Express" Version 12-Month Licenses

This is a Single User license (see above) where the software is licensed for 12-months only, rather than on a perpetual basis. Subscription Licenses expire at the end of the 12-months and the compiler ceases to function. All applications created with Subscription Licenses are perpetual and do not expire.
Absoft currently offers Subscription Licenses only with its Linux Express Fortran. All other Absoft licenses are perpetual.

MaxFlex Multi-Platform Licenses

MaxFlex™ - Maximum Flexibility Software Licensing (Also known as Site-Licenses or Lab-Packs)

The Mix and Match Software License Manager from Absoft Corporation provides users with cost savings and maximum licensing flexibility. Absoft continues to lead the market with MaxFlex as an industry first allowing customers to mix and match licenses for multiple environments.
Absoft has developed a new MaxFlex™ Licensing Manager and licensing policy which allows customers to freely mix and match Absoft compiler licenses for Windows, Macintosh and Linux at their own convenience without having to purchase multiple floating network licenses from Absoft for each platform. MaxFlex affords significant savings through bundle pricing for multiple platforms and accesses the required compiler licenses, as the customerneeds them. Customers ordering MaxFlex™ Network licenses (for local networks) select the platforms they want then mix and match license usage for Absoft products across all platforms in a heterogeneous local environment.

At any point, under MaxFlex™ licensing, customers can change the mix of licenses being used.If you have a 3 User, 2 platform MaxFlex license for MacOS/Intel and 64-bit Linux, you could use (1) Fortran compiler on Linux, and two (2) Fortran compilers on Macintosh, or any other combination, totaling no more than three (3) licenses totalin use at any one time.

Similarly, customers migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit Linux might initially use one (1) 64-bit Linux license and two (2) 32-bit licenses, then later use (2) 64-bit licenses and one (1) 32-bit license as their migration to a 64-bit environment progresses.

MaxFlex License pricing is based on the total number of platforms & concurrent users included in the network license.

No other company offers this type of multi-platform cost-saving flexible licensing alternative!

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